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Wounded snow leopard Zhaabars goes blind in both eyes

Wounded snow leopard Zhaabars, who was found on a tree in a forest in Talas region of Kyrgyzstan, went blind in both eyes. Bugu Ene Public Foundation reported on its page on social media.

The snow leopard was examined by the head of the Department of Ophthalmology of KRSU, Professor Mikhail Medvedev and the doctors of the National Ophthalmology Hospital Nurlan Turgunbaev and Alexander Ostroverkhov.

«Unfortunately, the diagnosis is disappointing: multiple adapted penetrating wounds of the cornea, incomplete traumatic cataracts, hemophthalmia, total retinal detachments of both eyes,» representatives of the foundation posted.

This is complete blindness. The operation is impractical; vision cannot be returned. It is specified that the snow leopard has become blind as a result of wound.

The foundation stressed that the animal should be under constant supervision, as the risk of inflammation is possible. Foundation partner Elena Snegur from Thomas Veterinary Clinic performed an ultrasound examination of internal organs and took blood of the animal for re-testing.

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