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Saimaiti’s murder: Financial intelligence tells about $ 700 million

A parliamentary commission for investigation of murder of a Chinese businessman Aierken Saimaiti in Turkey started its work.

Representatives of the National Bank, the Customs Service, and the State Financial Intelligence Agency were invited to the meeting today.

The name of Aierken Saimaiti was mentioned in Azattyk’s investigation into transfer of $ 700 million and gold from Kyrgyzstan through Abdyraz company, which owned a Kyrgyz-Chinese market in Batken.

Financial intelligence officials explained that $ 700 million was not the money from the state budget of Kyrgyzstan. According to them, they were transported not from the Kyrgyz Republic. The agency is figuring out who owned $ 700 million and whether they were laundered in the country.

Aierken Saimaiti was killed in Istanbul on November 10. He was shot at while he was sitting in a cafe in Fatih area. After publication of a photograph of Saimaiti with some Kyrgyz politicians, the Parliament decided to investigate his murder.

Suspects in the murder of the Chinese citizen were detained in Adana. Three foreigners, who are suspected of murder of the businessman, were arrested when trying to fled from the country. They tried to cross the border and hide in Syria.

The journalistic investigation into smuggling and corruption at the Customs caused massive public outcry.

The Prosecutor General’s Office opened a criminal case and entrusted an interdepartmental investigation team with investigation.