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Saimaiti’s murder: Total check of all logistics companies begins

After a journalistic investigation by Azattyk on transfer of millions of dollars from Kyrgyzstan, fiscal authorities began a total check of all logistics companies. Businessman Ruslan Esenaliev told at a meeting of the deputy commission for investigation of murder of a Chinese businessman Aierken Saimaiti in Turkey.

According to him, check of all companies working with imports is ongoing.

«The checks began immediately after the first investigation of the journalists. It’s a hard time for us,» Ruslan Esenaliev said.

According to the chairman of the deputy commission Talant Mamytov, the businessman was invited to a meeting to understand how firms importing goods from China work.

Ruslan Esenaliev noted that it was very risky to carry cash into the PRC.

«We work only with banks. In this investigation, I don’t understand how they managed to transfer money of unknown origin, since banks require a bunch of documents,» he explained.

Aierken Saimaiti was killed in Istanbul on November 10. He was shot at while he was sitting in a cafe in Fatih area. After publication of a photograph of Saimaiti with some Kyrgyz politicians, the Parliament decided to investigate his murder.

The journalistic investigation into smuggling and corruption at the Customs caused massive public outcry.

The Prosecutor General’s Office opened a criminal case and entrusted an interdepartmental investigation team with investigation.