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Murder of Aierken Saimaiti: New case details

A Chinese businessman Aierken Saimaiti, who was killed in Turkey, was warned not to reveal the secrets of Raiymbek Matraimov. A new investigation by Azattyk radio says.

The journalists obtained documents from the Turkish police, including the testimony of Saimaiti’s widow and the records of interrogations of the alleged killers. According to the perpetrator of the crime, the client indicated the religious motive.

«The widow of the deceased Vufuli Bumailiamu pointed to Matraimov and Abdukadyr as people who could be the organizers of the crime. It is clear from the interrogation protocols that the police asked the alleged killer about Abdukadyr, but he replied that he did not know him. In a conversation with journalists, Bumailiamu did not deny the authenticity of her testimony, but refused to give any additional comments about Matraimov or Khabibulla Abdukadyr,» the investigation says.

Aierken Saimaiti was killed in Istanbul on November 10, 2019. He was shot dead in a cafe in Fatih district. After publication of a photograph of Saimaiti with some Kyrgyz politicians, the Parliament decided to investigate his murder.

The journalistic investigation into smuggling and corruption at the customs caused a wide public outcry. The publication indicated that the Chinese businessman Aierken Saimaiti was repeatedly threatened with murder by unknown persons in Kyrgyzstan, so he fled to Turkey.

The Prosecutor General’s Office opened a criminal case and entrusted the investigation to an interdepartmental investigation team.