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Children of migrants waiting for parents for years in Kyrgyz orphanages

Children of migrants have been waiting for their parents for years in orphanages and boarding schools in Kyrgyzstan. The Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Development, Aliza Soltonbekova, told at a round table discussion.

According to her, the number of children in orphanages has increased by 14,000 in recent years.

«Children are sometimes left with strangers. Often, local and state bodies are not aware of the appearance on their territory of a child left without parents. And children of migrants cannot be adopted, since they theoretically have parents. But they have been waiting for their fathers and mothers for years, even ten years, whose whereabouts are unknown,» she noted.

The Ministry of Social Development proposes to extend the term of the power of attorney for migrant children in a new bill.

«According to the amendments to the Children’s Code, it is proposed to issue a power of attorney for 3-6 months before leaving the country. Then the parents must return. This is a very short time. Migrants will not have a financial opportunity to return in six months. It is necessary to increase the term to a year,» suggested Aliza Soltonbekova.