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Lawyer of Omurbek Tekebayev leaves ranks of Ata Meken party

Doctor of Political Sciences, Kanatbek Aziz, resigned from the secretariat of Ata Meken faction and left the party. The former lawyer of the political organization told 24.kg news agency why he did it.

According to him, the decision to leave the party was made before the nomination of the country’s ombudsman.

«Putting the questions and problems of the nation, the people into the first place, I decided that there should be no party interests. Deputies of Ata Meken faction also came to this understanding,» Kanatbek Aziz noted. «And we came to this conclusion regardless of the outcome of the election of ombudsman. Yes, I submitted a letter of resignation from the faction’s secretariat at my own will.»

Kanatbek Aziz clarified that there were no grievances against former party members and cannot be any.

«The parliamentary faction Ata Meken, trusting me, nominated my candidacy for the post of Ombudsman. The party had the same position. And such trust was shown to me more than once. In 2011, for example, I was nominated for the post of a member of CEC through Ata Meken faction. Unlike some of my former party members, I do not disappear from sight, do not change my cell phone number and do not shrug off my previous relationships. I spoke directly with Omurbek Tekebayev when he was in the hospital about my withdrawal from Ata Meken. I talked about this with the leader of the faction Almambet Shykmamatov and other deputies. There are no mutual insults,» said Kanatbek Aziz.