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Elections 2020: Omurbek Tekebayev tells who will top Ata Meken list

It was announced at the end of last week that the two oldest parties in Kyrgyzstan, Ata Meken and Akshumkar, joined together to participate in tandem in the upcoming parliamentary elections 2020. The leaders of political organizations Omurbek Tekebayev and Temir Sariev signed the corresponding declaration. The new union of politicians also includes Zhanar Akayev (KLDP party), Ryskeldy Mombekov from a group of Social Democrats, Tilek Toktogaziev (Zhany Dem public movement) and Azamat Temirkulov from the Green Forces Coalition.

The union of the all-polar politicians caused a lot of questions among the voters. Omurbek Tekebayev told about this and much more in an exclusive interview with 24.kg news agency.

— You and your supporters announced creation of an alliance of political forces under Ata Meken flag on Friday. Many people took the signing of a strategic partnership declaration as a landmark event that can influence the country’s development path. But there are those, and there are also many of them, who consider your alliance exclusively as a project for elections without a further perspective. Would you like to object, comment?

— Zhany Dem alliance is not a random alliance. It has some historical, ideological predetermination, prerequisites.

The world is in deep crisis because of the coronavirus pandemic, in the economic, social and even, possibly, political one. The way out of this crisis will be difficult, long and will require tremendous efforts and resources. The world will be quite different after the crisis. The priorities of mankind will change, the value system will undergo correction, the attitude to many things will change. It is important for Kyrgyzstan to get out of the crisis as soon as possible with acquisitions.

It is already obvious that all countries will strive for maximum self-sufficiency. We, too, must realize that we will have to rely on ourselves only, on our resources, natural, human.

It is very important for our society to unite. Not so much around someone or around an idea, but in order to overcome all the difficulties that we still have with minimal losses.

We can no longer afford to stumble on petty issues, disputes that are not primary, drown in own ambitions.

Today, we all, the whole society, must determine the right priorities and combine all efforts for the development of the country.

— This is, of course, deep and philosophical, but let’s talk more about your alliance.

— Our alliance, as I have said, is a requirement of the time. Its historicity is that today it is like a mirror of Kyrgyz society. We are all completely different, with different political and life backgrounds, with a different reputation, but we were able to unite because we understand the extraordinary need for changes in the country. Otherwise, we simply cannot survive. I purposefully do not use the word «reform.» Over the past decades it has acquired a negative connotation, but in terms of content, reforms — cardinal, in all areas of our living community — are necessary.

By the way, we have carried out a great case study. This is off topic, of course.

But according to the results of the survey across the republic, respondents called Zhanar Akayev, Natalya Nikitenko, Ryskeldy Mombekov as the best deputies of the sixth convocation.

Returning to our conversation, sociology claims that people want changes, like they want to see new faces in the Parliament.

— Let’s be honest, you and Temir Sariev can hardly be called new faces ...

— Listen, you are all closely following the trial of my case. The court proceedings have been dragging on for almost a year, and today I can say with a high degree of probability: such a delay in the process is politically motivated. I do not exclude that there are forces that do not want to let me and Chotonov into Parliament. So it is generally unknown whether I will be in the party list.

And indeed, it is unrealistic, and irrational to completely, radically remove the old political elite of society. Look at Ukraine. Zelensky have been trying to do exclusively with the forces of his young team for a year. So what? As a result, he had to turn to the same Saakashvili for experience and knowledge. So everything needs balance. But today, we mainly need a new approach, a new fresh look. Therefore, the majority in the Zhany Dem alliance are young people. Moreover, they occupy qualitatively excellent positions.

— What does it mean?

— For example, the leader of the election campaign will be Zhanar Akayev. Consequently, he will be the leader of the faction in the Parliament. And if our fraction joins the coalition, then Zhanar will claim the post of a Speaker or, perhaps, Prime Minister.

All the key places in the faction will be occupied by young people.

Leadership is not inherited and transferred at will. A leader is born in the process. A leader is born in the struggle.

Omurbek Tekebayev

A responsible mission is assigned to Zhanar Akayev, the work is not just symbolically, formally top the list, but to achieve victory, to lead the victory.

— And you, as an experienced puppeteer will pull the strings and, in fact, control?

— Those guys who came to us will not become puppets in anybody’s hands and under no circumstances. They really are burning with the idea of ​​reforming the country. You know, the sociological study we conducted says that the determining factors of victory in these elections will be not administrative resources and money. The people would like to see bright, young, passionate politicians with a clear reputation and interesting ideas, and our alliance is able to offer it to them.