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Kyrgyzstan has only one computer per 27 schoolchildren

There is only one computer per 27 schoolchildren in Kyrgyzstan. The Ministry of Education and Science informed 24.kg news agency.

According to the Deputy Education Minister Nadira Dzhusupbekova, the provision rate is improving from year to year. «Previously, there was one computer per 54 students. There is a plan according to which we supply the schools not only with computers, but also with furniture,» she said.

A request to donate equipment that was in use to the rural schools was spread on social networking sites.

The Ministry of Education imposed a moratorium on decommissioning old computers for scrap. Therefore, according to reports, they allegedly exist, but do not really work.

«We do not have a ban. There is just a special procedure. We supply schools with computers, and they replace the old ones. We also apply for assistance to various funds, this is not prohibited. On the contrary, we encourage assistance to schools,» explained Nadira Dzhusupbekova.

As for the Internet, 775 schools are connected to the Internet as of today, and the rest are planned to be connected by the end of 2018. «There are 14 schools in high-mountain areas. Specialists are considering options for their connection to the Internet. This issue should also be decided,» the Ministry of Education added.