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Youth in Kyrgyzstan not mind that parents leave to work without children

The younger the respondent, the more positively he or she accesses the act of parents, who leave their children at home, going out of country for work. The National Institute for Strategic Studies says.

To study the opinion of the young people about children, whose parents are in migration, a sociological survey was conducted. At least 426 respondents participated in it. At the same time, 58.4 percent of respondents are residents of the regions, 5.2 percent — Osh, and 36.4 percent — Bishkek residents.

The survey found out the attitude of the young people towards the fact that parents migrate, leaving their children. The overwhelming majority — 57 percent — spoke out negatively, saying that only parents themselves should raise the children. No matter how difficult it is abroad, they believe, children should be taken with them. 19 percent reacted positively, as parents abroad earn money and return, and at home, the children will be safer.

An interesting trend emerged as a result of the survey: the older the respondent, the worse is his or her attitude to the left children, and the younger the respondent, the more positively he or she estimates the parents’ act

Some respondents are sure: it is good that migrants send money to the country, but it is necessary to raise their children. In addition, they are sure that the children of migrants will be oppressed and will miss their parents, and relatives will not look after them well.

If to consider it in a gender perspective, 61 percent of women are negative about the fact that parents leave their children, and only 52 percent of men think so. At the same time, 21 percent of men and 17 percent of women take it positively, when parents migrate leaving their children.