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Mini park to replace Naryn restaurant in Bishkek

A new beautiful mini park will replace the demolished Naryn restaurant in Bishkek. The Mayor of the capital, Albek Ibraimov, told at a meeting with residents of the capital.

«I have been working for two years and four months. Look at the chronology of the happened at the meeting of the Urban Council. I did not even give permission to build a huge facility on the site of Naryn restaurant. Although the investor has invested a lot of money there. Big money and position are different things. The investor invested in demolishing and purchase of this building. But I said that there would be no such institution. There will be a mini park. A stele for the city will be installed there,» added Albek Ibraimov.

Naryn restaurant on Victory Square had been abandoned for many years, gradually breaking down. Last summer, it became known that it would be replaced by Hualin hotel. De He Co LTD jointly with Naryn CJSC offered the project for the construction of Hualin hotel on the site of the former restaurant — at the intersection of Ibraimov and Frunze Streets. Later, this idea was abandoned.