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Activists demand resignation of mufti Maksat azhy Toktomushev

Activists demand the resignation of mufti Maksat Azhy Toktomushev. They announced this at a press conference today.

According to them, the mufti failed to overcome corruption in the Spiritual Directorate of the Muslims of Kyrgyzstan.

«For example, there is a selection of candidates for leaders of pilgrims’ groups now. As we know, only friends are selected there. A total of 160 people are to be selected. Maksat Azhy Toktomushev personally distributes 50 places,» said the human rights activist Keldibek Askaraliev.

According to him, corruption in this issue is related to the payment for their work.

"The leaders of the groups get about $ 2,000 for the trip. We also demand from the muftiyat to publish the calculation of the costs for the Hajj. Why is its price $ 2,850? It is known that the main part of the sum is spent on air travel. What the rest of the money is spent on? "Keldibek Askaraliev asked.