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Bishkek hosts Industrial Forum "Media Toptoo”

Journalists discuss problems and achievements in the field of media in Bishkek at a forum, organized by Internews.

According to the director of the regional office of Internews, Elina Karakulova, «topto» is translated as a gathering, a meeting of like-minded people, interested in professional media.

«The aim of the forum is to give inspiration to work with the media, to carry accurate information not only in Kyrgyzstan, but all over the world,» she noted.

Journalists of Kyrgyzstan will discuss the trends of the global media market. The program of the forum includes presentations and panel discussions with participation of well-known international experts Michel Foster (IJF, USA), Ivan Kolpakov (Medusa, Latvia), Vsevolod Pulya (Media Toolbox, Russia) and Andrei Taranov (Kwendi, Ukraine).

Thematic presentations and panel discussions are devoted to the creation and strengthening of the brand of media companies, study of the audience and the problems of introducing changes in the world and the country, innovative methods of creating competitive content and ways to manage digital editorial offices.

The deputy of the Parliament, journalist, Aida Kasymalieva, identified three problems that must be solved.

«The spread of fake news is a problem not only for Kyrgyzstan. This is a part of the world trend. We are a part of the global world. Maybe media experts from Kyrgyzstan will also contribute to the solution of this problem,» she noted.

Aida Kasymalieva also noted the problem faced by the state-run media. The Budget Code does not allow them to receive advertising funds directly.

«Perhaps, we need a working group, which will include journalists and deputies. It is very difficult to amend the existing law. But they need to be introduced, because we have a small advertising market,» she said.

The third problem is the law on public procurement. Many representatives of municipal, state organizations, authorities often complain about a complicated procedure. When holding a tender, they are forced to pay attention to low price, not quality.

Amendments to the law are also becoming relevant because, according to Ainura Temirbekova, the Deputy Minister of Culture, Information and Tourism, the state plans to introduce a state order.

«It is important for us to stop to correlate the production of content with the acquisition of equipment,» she noted.

According to Ainura Temirbekova, Kyrgyzstan takes high positions in the media freedom and improvement of legislation rankings in this sphere.