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Seven Kyrgyzstanis convicted for terrorism in Russia

A military court sentenced seven natives of Kyrgyzstan to long prison terms — from 12 to 16 years. AiF-Ural reported.

Weapons, trotyl and detonators were confiscated in one of the apartments in Yekaterinburg city, where the natives of Kyrgyzstan lived. They were accused of preparing for a terrorist attack, illegal trafficking in explosives, storage of weapons.

These are the brothers Kamil and Kazim Abdulazhanovs, Ilkhom Kadyraliev, Abrorbek Karim-Akhunov, Namandzhon Khurulbaev, Farukh Dzhumaev and Ravshan Karimov. It is known that some of them had Russian citizenship, but all of them are the natives of Uzgen town.

One of the brothers — Kazim — owned a cafe. According to the investigation, Kamil Abdulazhanov formed a group of ISIL supporters and sponsored one of the terrorists, who was treated in Turkey after being injured in Syria. The militant, according to the investigators, was the main protagonist, the initiator of the terrorist attacks.

According to the investigation, the criminals were preparing terrorist attacks in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sverdlovsk oblast. In particular, they planned an explosion in Yekaterinburg metro and a shopping center.

Privolzhsky District Military Court received the materials of the case in December 2017.