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Halsey Rogers: Education promises much, but often does not give

«Education promises much, but too often it does not give it,» one of the authors of the World Bank’s report on education, Halsey Rogers, said today during its presentation.

According to him, even if the education system gives people the skills, but there is no economic and business development, then young people will not be able to apply their skills. Therefore, education is important, but it is not enough to give potential.

Not the number of years spent in school, but the quality of education that a child will receive is important.

Halsey Rogers

«Children from low-income households, if they are at school, still feel deprived. Poverty leads to the fact that the child is less ready for education. He or she is already prepared to be bad at school. In addition, the educational system does not have enough time, which is allocated for a particular topic. Often teachers do not even have time to cover the necessary material that sixth graders should know,» Halsey Rogers noted.

As recommendation for improving the quality of learning, it is first necessary to evaluate the education system in order to understand exactly what needs to be changed.

Halsey Rogers

In addition, it is worth to ensure that all levels of government work on improving the quality of education.

«We need to disclose for the public the data not only on the children who do not go to school, but also on those who are at school, but do not learn. Act on the basis of evidence in order the schools to work for all students. Make sure that everyone is prepared and motivated. You need to contribute to the development of preschool education so that children come to school prepared,» he said.

«In addition, you need to make sure that teachers are qualified and motivated. There should be coordination of participants so that the whole system to work for education. Decisions should be made both at the school level and at the system level,» concluded Halsey Rogers.