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EEU approves unified veterinary and sanitary requirements

Unified veterinary and sanitary requirements for objects subject to control and supervision were approved at a board meeting of the Eurasian Economic Commission. Press service of the Eurasian Economic Commission reported.

Compliance with the approved requirements is the basis for inclusion in the union register and allows free trade in the countries of the Eurasian «five.»

A single regulatory framework has been created that defines the rules of work for all entrepreneurs engaged in the production, processing and storage of meat, butter, milk, eggs and other animal products.

«Previously, the requirements were determined by national legislation. The lack of unified standards at the level of the EEU led to contradictions in the decision-making process, including the inclusion in the Union Register of Enterprises, and as a result, limited the opportunities for entering the common EEU market,» the EEC stressed.

The adopted document includes both veterinary and sanitary requirements of a general nature, describing the process of cattle breeding or animals management, as well as branch ones. Standards have been set for enterprises that deal with the breeding of cattle, pigs, sheep, fur-bearing animals, poultry, fish, bees. In addition, the document contains uniform requirements to enterprises engaged in slaughtering of productive animals, the production, transportation and storage of goods of animal origin and feeds.

The decision of EEC board will enter into force 180 calendar days after the date of its official publication.

Manufacturers already included in the Union Register, within 18 months from the entry into force of the unified requirements, can work in accordance with the national legislation of the country in which the enterprise is located.