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Kyrgyz passport climbs up in world ranking

Passport Index published  new Global Passport Power Rank 2018 — ranking of the best passports for travelling.

Germany, like in 2017, takes the leading place in the ranking. However, the number of countries with visa-free entry for a German passport increased from 158 to 161. The passport of a citizen of Singapore from the first place dropped to the second: one can visit 160 countries with it. Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Italy, France, Spain and South Korea also occupy the second place in the ranking.

Russia improved its performance, rising from 42nd to 40th place. Russian citizens can visit 109 countries without a visa. The passport of a citizen of Kazakhstan remained at the 59th place, like the year before (71 states without a visa). Belarus shares its place with Kazakhstan.

Kyrgyzstan from its 71st place climbed to 69th. Holders of Kyrgyz passports can freely visit 59 countries. The Armenian passport takes the same line in the ranking.