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Parliament of Kyrgyzstan spends 762.6 million soms in 2017

The Parliament of Kyrgyzstan spent 762.6 million soms from the budget of the country in 2017. The Ministry of Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic presented such data.

The most money was spent on wages — 474.05 million soms. At the same time, additional payments and compensations (221.5 million soms) exceeded the basic salary. Other 92.7 million soms were spent on salary increments. Spending on the basic salary amounted to 156 million soms.

Another costly item is the purchase of goods and services. At least 89.9 million soms were spent on it. 72.8 million soms were spent on payment of social security contributions.

Only 1,800 soms were spent on training of the officials and on representational expenses — 70.9 million soms.

Official trips expenses amounted to 18.1 million soms, cars and equipment — 22.8 million soms, communication — 9.6 million soms.