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Mosques of Kyrgyzstan ask to lower tariff for electricity

The mosques of Kyrgyzstan ask to lower the tariff for electricity. This was announced today at a meeting of the parliamentary committee on the fuel and energy complex and subsoil use.

According to the State Agency for Regulation of the Fuel and Energy Complex, the government decree defines 7 consumer groups in the republic. Under the current tariff, there are no benefits for individual groups. The mosques and madrassas ask to lower the tariffs, as they were classified as a commercial group. However, if to develop lower tariffs for them, then the rights of other consumers will be violated, the agency belives.

Tariff for non-residential consumers (budget, industrial, agricultural, other) is 2.24 soms per kilowatt-hour.

Chairman of the committee Kozhobek Ryspaev didn’t agree with the representative of the agency. «Mosques don’t have production. They work for the benefit of society. The question was sent to us for consideration by the speaker of the Parliament. I built the mosque myself. Sometimes you have to pay out of your pocket for electricity. You are afraid that then children’s homes will ask to lower the tariff. But why should they pay under such a tariff?» the deputy said.