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6,000 items of goods from Kyrgyzstan gain access to EU market

More than 6,000 items of goods from Kyrgyzstan have gained access to the market of the countries of the European Union. UNDP informed 24.kg news agency.

According to Lira Zholdubayeva, coordinator of the UNDP Biodiversity Finance Initiative project, voluntary certification will lead the companies to new foreign markets.

Voluntary certification is one of the important tools for developing a «green» economy in the country and, as a result, prevention and reduction of the negative impact on the environment.

Lira Zholdubayeva

Kyrgyzstan became the first country in Central Asia which received the status of user of GSP + scheme, issued by the EU in 2016. Earlier, exporters from Kyrgyzstan paid customs duties at a rate of 14.6 percent on agricultural products and 5-9 percent — on textiles.

Now Kyrgyzstan can duty-free export agricultural, processing, leather and wool products, timber, rubber, garments, materials for the garment industry, ceramics, glass, electrical and machinery equipment.