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Kyrgyzstan to introduce mandatory vehicle inspection

Kyrgyzstan in the near future should again introduce mandatory vehicle inspection. This requirement is included in the legislation of the Eurasian Economic Union. This was announced today at a meeting of the Parliament by the Prime Minister Sapar Isakov.

«The question of authorization to drive motor vehicles will disappear by itself when Smart City project is launched. I want to give you an example on the technical inspection. Within the framework of EEU, we must introduce a technical inspection, this is our obligation and we must fulfill it. We will consider the corresponding decision in the near future,» Sapar Isakov said.

The head of the government once again stressed that Kyrgyzstan will refuse the authorizations to drive motor vehicles.

After the launch of Smart City project, citizens will have half a year to re-register their cars. Otherwise, problems may arise. After all, all the fines after the launch of the project will come to the owner of the car.

«If they are not paid, then big problems will begin, up to taking away an apartment through the court,» Sapar Isakov warned.