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Powerlifter from Kyrgyzstan sets world record

Powerlifter from Kyrgyzstan set a world record. His coach Rustam Mambetov told.

According to him, the World Powerlifting Championship was held in the city of Yekaterinburg (Russia). More than 3,200 athletes participated in it, including four Kyrgyz citizens.

Lyubov Maleeva became the champion among women in the weight category up to 60 kg in the Open and Masters categories. Radik Kaleev was the first among the veterans in weight up to 90 kg. Zaur Kurdanov (up to 82 kg) won gold among juniors and in open class.

Three-time world champion and record holder, 18-year-old Baturkhan Mukhametov (up to 56 kg) won gold in Teenagers and Open Class categories. After lifting 147.5 kg in bench press, he got ahead of his nearest opponent by 52 kg, set a new world record and became the absolute world champion.

In addition, Baturkhan Mukhametov, Zaur Kurdanov and Radik Kaleev performed in Multi-repeat Benchpress category, where they were the first.

«In general, our athletes won 12 gold and one silver medal and four absolute cups of the World Cup. This is an incredible, historic success of domestic powerlifting,» Rustam Mambetov said. «Mukhametov was recognized as the best bench presser at the World Cup, and me — the best coach,» he told.