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22 Kyrgyzstanis win 43 medals at World Powerlifting Championship

Kyrgyzstanis won 43 medals at the World Powerlifting Championship (WPA / AWPA / WAA versions). Powerlifting Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic informed 24.kg news agency.

Competitions were held in Moscow. Athletes from 12 countries competed for victory. There are 22 people in the national team of Kyrgyzstan. They competed in several age groups, exercises and nominations and won 38 gold, three silver and two bronze awards.

Tatyana Polstyanova, Olga Aleshkevich, Alena Tyryshkina, Darya Ushmodina, Azimdzhan Kadyrov, Talantbek Sayitov and Hamid Suluev won three gold medals each. Nailya Takutdinova, Anna Belova, Maxim Tyryshkin and Roman Buterus won two gold medals each, Lyubov Maleeva, Vladislav Terekhov, Vladislav Hozeev, Iminzhan Nurzhanov, Bahromzhon Sabirov, Yan Svatkovsky, Alexander Belimov, Dmitry Dorozhenko and Daniil Kolesnikov won one gold medal each.

«Tatyana Polstyanova, Nailya Takutdinova and Vladislav Khozeev also set world records,» the federation added. «The national team took the first place in team scoring.»