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Safe City. Sapar Isakov studies experience of Moscow

The Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan was shown how Safe City project works in Moscow.

Sapar Isakov saw how a single call center in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the capital of Russia works. All information about incidents flows there. He was also shown how the video surveillance cameras in the city are organized and who can use the database.

There are more than 30,000 video cameras — on the roads, in the metro, public transport, in places of mass gathering of the people, in the entrances of houses- installed in Moscow.

The GLONASS system is also installed on all vehicles of the patrol police. This means that they can not just go patrolling a section. Each car is marked on the map and the color that marks a car changes depending on the type of task that patrols received. Revenues from the imposition of fines for violation of traffic rules in 80 percent of cases come from the work of surveillance cameras.

Sources of 24.kg news agency in the government’s office told that Sapar Isakov decided to familiarize himself with the project for a purpose. Officials want to study the successful experience of implementing such a system in different cities. And then the acquired knowledge will form the basis of the domestic system «Smart City», which will be implemented in the frames of Taza Koom project.