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Elmira Ibraimova leaves post of head of Temir Sariev’s headquarters

Ex-head of the Accounts Chamber Elmira Ibraimova left the post of the head of the headquarters of presidential candidate Temir Sariev. She posted it on Facebook.

Elmira Ibraimova noted that at one time she supported Temir Sariev, as their views on the country’s further development coincided. The former head of the Accounts Chamber fully supports the earlier course taken by the candidate for the democratic and free development of our society, the priority of law and intensive development of the economy.

«But, unfortunately, today our views radically differ. I consider it inadmissible for myself to change the ideological position in favor of political conjuncture. I want to thank those who supported me on these tense days, and I promise that I will continue to defend our views, our understanding of the development of the state and the belief that very soon Kyrgyzstan will become a country where the law, freedom and justice reign,» Elmira Ibraimova said.

In addition to the head of the headquarters, other seven people leave the team of Temir Sariev, Alikbek Dzhekshenkulov, Bolot Alymkulov, Shamshybek Medetbekov are among them.