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Almaz Isanov: Kyrgyzstan will not withstand confrontation with Kazakhstan

Kyrgyzstan will not withstand the confrontation with Kazakhstan. Leader of Asman Ala-Too party Almaz Isanov said this today in 24.kg news agency at the round table on the solution of the problem on the Kazakh-Kyrgyz border.

Today, in his opinion, two things are necessary: ​​clarity of the situation and adequacy on both sides — Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

«We tried to figure out which norms Kyrgyzstan violates and did not find a concrete answer. In fact, the brotherly country does not violate the agreements. But the spirit of the treaty on EEU itself has been violated. The free trade regime, what we wanted to achieve, is violated. And this is the main problem,» Almaz Isanov said.

«No one says that the crisis has transformed from a short-term factor into a permanent one. And when it will be taken into account in decisions of investors, logistics companies or the banking sector, then we will get a completely different regime for the growth of our economy. And here we must call for adequacy, including the leaders of states,» he said.

It should not be so that the two leaders of nations quarrel and two peoples suffer from it. We must not allow two peoples, business to quarrel tomorrow. We stand on the verge when it is not about the growth of the country, but its survival.

Almaz Isanov

«The policy of symmetric actions is the funnel of emotional events that we should not get in. Everyone understands that Kazakhstan will withstand this confrontation much longer. But it’s pointless: we will not withstand it. And it is wrong to urge to wait until the inauguration, this line of thought is wrong. These issues must be solved here and now,» he said.

Former Prime Minister Temir Sariev reminded that an agreement on eternal friendship was signed with Kazakhstan. «This is a brotherly country and the closest one. The problem has come, and everyone should unite and jointly solve. You can not wait. Today, we must support the new president in all the initiatives and help the new government, which is young, ambitious, but not everything works,» he said.

Director of the Center for Political and Legal Studies Tamerlan Ibraimov added that the conflict revealed big systemic problems.

«First, the dependence of our foreign trade on Kazakhstan is simply enormous. And if something happens on the Kyrgyz-Kazakh border, then immediately the crisis large-scale phenomena occur. Secondly, you can not deny the gray schemes and corruption with which we have to do something. Thirdly, our economy needs diversification. It is clear that the main markets are in the north (Russia and Kazakhstan), but one must think that the situation may recur in the future,» he said.

We do not know how political processes will go further. We must be ready for different options.

Tamerlan Ibraimov

Kazakhstan has strengthened control over the Kazakh-Kyrgyz and Kazakh-Russian border on October 10. There are queues from heavy trucks leaving Kyrgyzstan at the checkpoints.