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Temir Sariev’s statement in connection with closure of TV channel "September"

Temir Sariev made an official statement on the situation with the TV channel «September».

«I have repeatedly expressed my opinion on the current situation in the country around the media and freedom of speech. Unfortunately, instead of just reacting to public opinion on the part of the authorities, we are witnessing increasing pressure on the media with alternative opinions. On the eve of the presidential elections, almost all television channels are under the control of the authorities. I consider this unacceptable and harmful for our entire society!» a statement said.

«In turn, public television channels, which are maintained by taxpayers, refuse to provide information materials about candidates who claim the most important position in the country. Our citizens don’t pay taxes to ensure that these channels serve the interests of one person or one candidate, but in order to be able to be informed about all events taking place in the country,» Temir Sariev said.

The closure of the September television channel in an incomprehensibly fast time and against a backdrop of an unclear legal justification is another case that confirms the current trend of pressure on freedom of speech. Everything looks so, that the political background here plays a major role.

Temir Sariev

«We live in a democratic society where every citizen has the right to access information and where freedom of speech is a fundamental value. In connection with the current circumstances, I appeal to the President of the country to not repeat the mistakes of previous regimes and do everything possible to protect freedom of speech! What can lead to infringement of freedom of speech, we already know from the experience of past years, including 2009-2010,» the statement said.