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Opponents not interested in Kanatbek Isaev as presidential candidate

«In my opinion, real presidential candidates are not interested in Kanatbek Isaev," Kanatbek Turgunbekov, a member of the political council of Kyrgyzstan party, said at a press conference in 24.kg news agency answering journalists' questions.

The former member of the political council believes that the struggle for presidential chair will unfold between two candidates, and there is no leader of his party there.

Kanatbek Turgunbekov was expelled from the political council of the party, however, according to him, this was done without his knowledge and explanation of the reasons. He intends to seek an extraordinary meeting of the council in order to sort out the situation.

«I believe that my exclusion from the political council is the decision of one person, Kanatbek Isaev. We do not have a split in the party, there is no misunderstanding. My reputation has been damaged, and I have to restore it now," Kanatbek Turgunbekov said.

According to him, in 2015, during elections to Parliament, he headed the pre-election headquarters of Kyrgyzstan party.