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Case of Kanatbek Isaev framed up at initiative of provocateurs

The case of MP Kanatbek Isaev was framed up at the initiative of provocateurs. Members of the committee for his protection stated at a press conference in 24.kg news agency.

According to Keneshbek Duishebaev, ex-head of the State National Security Committee, representatives of the criminals are involved in the process of falsifying the presidential election campaign of Isaev.

Members of the committee demand to release Kanat Isaev from custody on a pledge not to leave the city or house arrest and are ready to act as his guarantors.

«Otherwise, we reserve the right to conduct any activities and seek a fair investigation by all measures provided by law,» Keneshbek Duishebaev said.

Kanatbek Isaev was arrested and placed in pretrial detention center of SCNS until November 30 on charges of attempting to seize power and organize mass riots.