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Tatyana Valovaya: Kyrgyzstan has keener look at EEU integration system

"Kyrgyzstan has a fresh look at the Eurasian Economic Union. You look keener at many things in the process of integration," the Minister of the Eurasian Economic Commission, Tatyana Valovaya said at a round table discussion today.

According to her, a big delegation of EEC representatives came to Kyrgyzstan again. The Commission is preparing a report on the first results of Kyrgyzstan's participation in the Eurasian Economic Union and would like to hear the views of the Kyrgyz government and business on this matter.

«The first year of Kyrgyzstan's membership in the EEU in 2015 was not easy for all. But even then the analysis showed that if EEU had not been created and Kyrgyzstan had not entered it, then the economic indicators of the state would have been worse. The very fact of the existence of EEU to some extend minimized the global consequences of financial and economic shocks. At the end of 2016, we have already seen the revival of the economy. Now it already has a serious character," Tatyana Valovaya said.

The EEC minister also added that even last year Kyrgyzstan was the undisputed leader in terms of GDP growth and industrial production. In 2017, this tradition continued. The EEC expects this trend to continue.

"Kyrgyzstan is the youngest state in the structure of EEU. Therefore, you have a fresh look. You look at many things in the integration process keener than Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Therefore, your point of view on integration and ways to improve it is extremely important. At the same time, we expect that the main effect from the entry of Kyrgyzstan into EEU is to come. It is about increasing the investment attractiveness of the country as a participant in the large market of 180 million people. Investors are coming, but the main inflow will be in the short term. So now we need to understand how and what to do to make this direction real," she summed up.