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KR entrepreneurs not informed about entry into force of EEU technical regulation

«On the part of ministries and departments, information and explanatory work on technical regulations hasn’t been fully carried out, and, to be more precise, data on the entry into force of new regulations on their application haven’t been brought to business entities," Deputy Minister of Economy Almaz Sazbakov said at the meeting of the government, telling about the progress of the implementation of the technical regulations of the EEU and the existing problems.

According to him, the decision of the Eurasian Commission dated January 26, 2016 approved the procedure for the implementation of technical regulations of the EEU countries on the territory of Kyrgyzstan in three stages.

Since February 12, 2016, 16 technical regulations have been introduced, the second stage will begin on August 18, 2017 (18 regulations), and the third — August 2, 2019.

Almaz Sazbakov

He noted that for the implementation of regulations by the government decree of January 20, 2015 approved a plan of measures.

«When implementing technical regulations, the main components are the adaptation of national legislation, the establishment of testing laboratories and the modernization of existing information and awareness-raising work," Almaz Sazbakov said.

In each technical regulation there is a clause on certification for safety, and today 32 laboratories in Kyrgyzstan can certify only by 9 regulations out of 16.

According to Almaz Sazbakov, from August 12, 2017, 18 more technical regulations of the EEU will enter into force, including such important for Kyrgyzstan industries as food, light industry and furniture production.

«There are 96 normative references in the 18 technical regulations, of which we don’t have legal acts in 23 references, so in a short time they need to be developed and adopted," the deputy minister said.

According to 5 types of technical regulations, there are no certification bodies and necessary laboratories in Kyrgyzstan.