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Deputy Aida Salyanova tells about different MegaCom cost estimates

The deputy of Parliament, ex-prosecutor general of Kyrgyzstan Aida Salyanova told that the state, depending on the goals set, presents different estimates of MegaCom cost.

According to her, the State Property Management Fund put the company up for auction. The auction should be held in June. The starting price is 13.5 billion soms, or $ 190 million.

«Since 2016, there is a campaign to blacken three Ata Meken deputies. We were accused of having interests in an offshore in Belize. TV channels showed stories on this topic several times. It was said that each of us had 7 percent of shares, which cost $ 23 million. In total, we allegedly own shares at $ 73 million. This is if we consider that the offshore has 51 percent of the company’s shares. It turns out that, according to these calculations, its total cost is about $ 640 million," Aida Salyanova said.

«A different cost is set in sale of MegaCom. This indicates that the authorities are holding a slanderous campaign and misleading the people," she added.