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Osh city to be fully supplied with gas by 2020

The full gasification of Osh will be completed by 2020, the press service of the mayor’s office of the southern capital of Kyrgyzstan reported.

According to it, Mayor of the city Aitmamat Kadyrbayev got acquainted with the activities of the branch of Gazprom Kyrgyzstan LLC — Oshgaz, where he was told about the work done over the past two years and about the prospects.

As it was reported, in 2016, Oshgaz provided with fuel 61,334 subscribers, replaced unreliable gas pipelines with a total length of 12.6 km at 12 sites and overhauled the buildings of seven gas control points. Over the past two years, the company’s employees have eliminated more than 24,000 leaks of natural gas.

The total length of gas pipelines in Osh is 771.3 km.