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Almost half million young plants planted in mudflow-prone areas of Kyrgyzstan

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kyrgyzstan has planted nearly half a million young plants in potentially dangerous areas. Press service of the ministry reported.

According to it, the Ministry of Emergency Situations implements «Green Project," within which 633,440 young plants are to be planted in 117 potentially landslide- and mudflow-prone areas with a total area of ​​1,073 hectares since 2014 till 2017. The project is aimed at protection of the population and territory.

Up to date, 449,681 young plants and 2, 313 kilograms of seeds of trees and bushes have been planted on sites with a total area of ​​17 square kilometers.

As noted, 7,306 residential buildings, 817,2 hectares of land, 22 schools, 65 kilometers of on-farm roads, three social objects, three kindergartens, two clubs, two daily regulation pools, two mudflow dams, four bridges, two mosques, four FAS, 15 ETL-110 supports will be protected.