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Irrigation system for 28 billion soms to be built in Batken region

Irrigation system priced at 28, 390 billion soms will be built in Batken region from 2017 till 2025. Press service of the government’s plenipotentiary representative in the region reported.

According to it, there will be erected 8 irrigation facilities that will result in reclamation of 30,168 hectares of new land; irrigation of 1,110 hectares will be improved, and 3,111 hectares of land will be irrigated by pumps.

Tekesekirik main channel in Batken region will become the most expensive project with the cost of 21 billion soms.

The channel length is 50 kilometers, discharge capacity- 18 cubic meters per second; tunnel length is more than 7 kilometers; dam length is 180 meters; reservoir volume is 210 million cubic meters.

The channel will improve the water supply of 16,000 hectares of land.