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Customs Service at Kyrgyz-Chinese border checkpoints works around the clock

Customs Service officers began to work around the clock seven days a week at Torugart-Avtodorozhny and Irkeshtam-Avtodorozhny checkpoints starting from March 1. The press service of the service reported.

To increase the capacity of Torugart-Avtodorozhny and Irkeshtam-Avtodorozhny checkpoints, infrastructure improvement works are carried out.

«The administrative building of the complex Torugart-2 was reconstructed at Torugart checkpoint with six-lane traffic, installation of covered, insulated hangars, where the customs control of six vehicles can be carried out simultaneously,» the Customs Service reported.

In addition, work is being done to automate customs processes and customs control within the framework of promoting foreign trade. To ensure transparent accounting at Torugart and Irkeshtam checkpoints, cameras for reading state license plates have been installed and integration of hardware and software complexes for centralized monitoring is underway.

«In order to optimize business processes at border crossing points, Sanarip Tamga project was launched in pilot mode, including the introduction and use of a new portal for submitting preliminary information, as well as a system of interaction between controlling authorities at the border. Sanarip Tamga project allows to promptly exchange preliminary information submitted by participants of foreign economic activity with controlling authorities, as well as to make decisions on the application of forms and types of control before the arrival of goods at the checkpoint and provides for the introduction of One Window mechanism and One Stop principle, eliminating the duplication of functions of control at the border,» the state service added.