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Bishkek Department of Internal Affairs receives over 100 calls about phone fraud

The Main Internal Affairs Department of Bishkek received more than 100 calls about telephone fraud. The press service of the department reported.

According to its data, fraudsters have organized a scheme: using a landline phone, they get in touch with the victims, gain their trust. They inform the people about an accident that allegedly occurred with their close friend or relative. For example, that a person was injured in a traffic accident and hospitalized. At the same time, fraudsters demand money, promising help.

The Department of Internal Affairs notes that most often victims of telephone fraud are elderly people. The police urge citizens to inform their parents, grandparents and neighbors aged 60-75 about the situation.

Law enforcement agencies also call on activists and bloggers to help spread the information.

«Fraudsters mainly seek to put pressure on victims in one way or another — to rush them, to confuse them, to threaten them with possible consequences. In such a situation, it is important to remain calm. Even if you are threatened with the loss of all the money on your accounts, do not rush to fulfill the caller’s demands, immediately report to the 24-hour short number 102,» the department said.