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Drop in air temperature, severe frosts forecast in Kyrgyzstan from February 17

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kyrgyzstan issued a weather alert due to expected precipitations on February 13-14. According to it, avalanches, as well as snow drifts, packed snow and ice are expected in mountainous areas, as well as on the 55th-115th kilometers of Myrza-Ake — Kara-Kuldzha — Alaikuu road.

A sharp drop in temperature is expected in some regions of the country on February 17-19, the Hydrometeorological Service said.

According to forecasters, nighttime temperature in Bishkek on February 17 is expected to drop to −8 ... −10 degrees Celsius with occasional snow. During the day, the air temperature will be −4 ... −6 degrees, snow is expected.

On February 18, air temperature will drop to −11...-13 degrees at night, snow is expected; the daytime temperature will be −5...-7 degrees Celsius.

Air temperature on February 19 at night will be −10 ... −12 degrees, precipitations are not expected; during the day −2 ... −4 degrees, without precipitation.

A slight increase in air temperature is expected on February 20-21.