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Bosogo information center for tourists opened in Osh city

An information center for tourists Bosogo was opened in Osh city. The Tourism Development Support Fund reported.

According to it, Bosogo information desk was opened at the airport of the southern capital.

«Here visitors will get advice on interesting locations to visit, contacts of hotels, guides and logistics companies, advice on a good cafe, get assistance in getting a SIM card and told how to draw up documents, if necessary,» the Fund said.

The organization added that Bosogo information desks are successfully operating in the building of the National History Museum in Bishkek and at Manas airport.

«There is also a 24-hour contact center with numbers 7000 and 0755007000 (for messages via W/A, Telegram). Over the past month, they have already served almost 4,000 requests,» the Fund added.