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Ukraine supplies Russia with aviation spare parts with help of Kyrgyz company

Ukraine continues to supply Russia with spare parts for aircraft and helicopters. Vazhniye Istorii (Important Stories) media outlet reported.

During the war, the Russian company Avia FED Service supplied the Russian aircraft industry with spare parts worth at least 650 million rubles (2022 — July 2023). Most of them, 370 million, came from Ukraine.

After the conflict in eastern Ukraine began, the main supplier of Avia FED Service — the Kharkiv-based FED plant (the name comes from the name of Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky, the founder of the All-Russian Extraordinary Commission) — officially stopped all supplies to Russia. This was a serious blow for the company — Russia accounted for about 70 percent of sales.

Avia FED Service was founded in 1993 as a representative office of the Kharkiv FED machine-building plant and, as the Ukrainian media wrote, was affiliated with the plant’s top management.

According to government procurement data, Avia FED Service’s clients include the Russian Ministry of Defense, enterprises of state corporation Rostec and the presidential Special Flying Squadron Rossiya.

Even before the war, in 2018, Avia FED Service was subject to Ukrainian sanctions. Therefore, in 2022–2023, it was supplied not directly, but through Linker, a company registered in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Linker received Ukrainian products from, among others, Motor Sich, whose director, Vyacheslav Boguslaev, was detained last October on suspicion of state treason for «illegal deliveries of military goods for Russian attack aircraft.»

The last supply from Linker to Avia FED Service was made, according to customs data at disposal, in January 2023.

After that, deliveries were made through the company Bakaytorg1 from Kyrgyzstan, which was registered in April 2023.

It has already managed to sell the Kharkiv FED machine-building plant’s products to Avia FED Service worth almost 40 million rubles. The director and owner of Bakaytorg1 is Bakai Saadaev. He graduated from the Kyrgyz State Law Academy, and in July 2020 he tried to get a job in the state traffic police, at that time working as a courier in the restaurant chain Imperiya Pizzy.

Alexander Reshetnik, Avia FED Service’s director, told IStories that the products of Ukrainian plants, which arrived to the company in 2022–2023, were purchased by his company earlier, in 2020–2021, and were just «laying abroad.» When asked how this was possible in the case of supplies through Bakaytorg1, which was registered only a few months ago, he did not answer.

Journalists did not manage to talk to Bakai Saadaev.

Open Budget portal does not contain any data on the payment of taxes and fees by Bakaitorg1.