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New building of SCNS Coordinating Center for Cybersecurity opened in Kyrgyzstan

President Sadyr Japarov took part in the opening of a new building of the Coordinating Center for Cybersecurity of the State Committee for National Security (SCNS).

The modern center, which will ensure the country’s cyber security, is equipped with the latest technological equipment, hardware and software systems that meet international standards. All the necessary conditions for conducting appropriate work in this direction has been created in the center.

The center will coordinate the activities of state bodies, computer incident response centers to ensure cybersecurity, detect, prevent and suppress computer attacks.

Speaking to the audience, the head of state noted that the rapid development of information technologies and the digital economy around the world is accompanied by certain risks and dangers. There are situations that directly affect national security.

The President stressed that ensuring the cybersecurity of digital infrastructures and services that are being actively created in the country is one of the most important issues in countering such modern challenges. In this regard, this important facility of the SCNS as the Coordinating Center for Cyber Security was opened.

Sadyr Japarov recalled that active steps are being taken towards the digital transformation of the national economy and efforts are being made to ensure citizens’ access to modern electronic services. These areas are considered a priority within the framework of state development programs and they are under the control of the head of state.

«It can be said that a new direction in the overall system of ensuring the national security of the country is currently in its infancy. Considering that hacker attacks on government and other information systems have been observed recently, there is a need to raise and develop this area to a qualitative level as soon as possible,» the President noted, adding that the relevance of this work is associated with dynamic processes in the field of international and regional security, as well as the consequences of military-political events in the world.

Sadyr Japarov focused on the importance of taking into account advanced foreign experience and the best practices of partners in the field of cybersecurity. The state is taking urgent measures to strengthen the material and technical base of the national security agencies, to comprehensively ensure innovative areas of relevant work. In addition, the state will continue to work to create all the necessary conditions for effective work.

He said that such actions should become a solid basis for creating a new model of the special service, capable of timely preventing internal and external threats affecting the country’s security.