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CEC sums up results of repeat elections in Sverdlovsky constituency

Shailoobek Atazov became a deputy from the Sverdlovsky single-mandate constituency. The Central Election Commission of Kyrgyzstan (CEC) recognized the repeat elections of deputies of the Parliament in this constituency as valid and summed up the results. The decision was made at a meeting on Friday.

The CEC noted: if the number of votes cast for Abdurakhmankhadzhi Murtazaliev (who was convicted of involvement in bribery, and the votes cast for him were canceled. — Note of 24.kg news agency) exceeded one third, then repeat voting would be scheduled. Since the elections were recognized as valid, Shailoobek Atazov received the mandate. He is the second after Murtazaliev in terms of the number of votes.

Elections were held in two single-mandate constituencies of the capital on February 27. Elvira Surabaldieva won the majority of votes — 47.97 percent — in the Pervomaisky single-mandate constituency. Abdurakhmankhadzhi Murtazaliev won the elections in Sverdlovsky constituency. The Supreme Court upheld the decision of the Administrative Court of Bishkek and the decision of the CEC to cancel the registration of Murtazaliev.