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Rally of refugees from Afghanistan: Police urge participants to disperse

Police officers called on refugees from Afghanistan, who are protesting in front of the UN House in Bishkek, to stop the rally and disperse. Otherwise, they will be forced to detain them.

The Deputy Head of the Internal Affairs Department of the Pervomaisky district of the capital, Zhumadyl Sheraliev, read out a resolution of the City Hall prohibiting public gatherings. The document says that a temporary ban was imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Refugees from Afghanistan hold another protest in Bishkek. This time they gathered at the building of the UN House in Kyrgyzstan.

They still demand permission to enter the United States, Canada or Western European countries and issue them all the necessary documents for this. According to the protesters, there are those among them who have been living in Kyrgyzstan for the last 20 years without official status.

Earlier, they held a rally near the building of the U.S. Embassy in Bishkek. On August 18, the protesters gathered at the UN Office in Kyrgyzstan. They asked to either grant them Kyrgyz citizenship, or to send them to another state.

On August 23, Kyrgyzstan imposed restrictions on the issuance of visas to citizens of Afghanistan. These measures were taken in the light of the unstable military-political situation in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, as well as to avoid the penetration of undesirable persons into the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic and the mass entry of refugees.