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Population of Kyrgyzstan grows faster than labor market

Population in Kyrgyzstan is growing faster than the labor market. A researcher Shaten Toktogaziev said at a working meeting «Labor market and employment».

According to him, the population of the republic has grown by 16 percent over the past ten years, and the number of employed — by 7.6 percent.

«This affects the level of unemployment in the country, it is much higher than the National Statistical Committee shows (5-6 percent),» Shaten Toktogaziev noted.

Due to the lack of jobs, young people prefer to go to work in other countries.

«Most of the vocational training organizations, especially in the south of the republic, work as training centers for migrants. Even the parents of the students do not hide it,» the researcher said.

He added that the study showed that the main labor markets are Bishkek and Osh cities with about 70 percent of jobs created in the informal sector. It poses certain risks, in particular, it is the unstable income of both employees and the enterprises themselves, the practice of hiring on the basis of an oral agreement, absence or minimum amount of obligations and social benefits.

«The main sectors of the labor market in these cities are construction, garment manufacture and public catering,» Shaten Toktogaziev concluded.