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Deputies speak in support of women candidates in local elections

Parties that won the local elections are now trying to oust female candidates from their lists. Several deputies announced it at a meeting of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan.

They appealed to the Central Election Commission with a demand to ensure preservation of a 30% gender quota in the list of each of the parties that entered the local councils.

According to Aisuluu Mamashova, after the elections, women are forced to fight for their seats.

«Women are used during the elections, and then ousted. The CEC, the President, the Prosecutor’s Office must monitor it. Women turn to us; they say they are threatened by political bosses. Unfortunately, the same was in Parliament, when women were pressed out. Therefore, there are only 19 percent of us in the Parliament now. I urge women to fight for their rights. They are the same deputies as men. Let women work for the good of the country,» Aisuluu Mamashova addressed the authorities.