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Migration, early marriages: Why children in Kyrgyzstan drop out of school

Coronavirus pandemic in Kyrgyzstan exacerbated the problem of children dropping out of the educational process. The International Center for Journalism MediaNet reports.

According to the center, students who are seasonally employed or work on bazaars regularly drop out of the educational process. In addition, girls drop out of school in connection with marriage, and boys — because of the need to help their family in a difficult financial situation.

«The learning process remains in the background. It is related to culture,» Keneshbek Sainazarov, an independent expert in the educational sphere believes. In his opinion, during the pandemic, the number of children not attending school only increased.

The situation was complicated by the fact that only elementary schools are often available for children in remote areas and villages.

«In addition to seasonal absence of children from school, experts draw attention to the complete drop-out of children from the educational process. In recent years, the number of children not attending lessons has increased, including due to migration. As for inclusive education, the psychological, medical and pedagogical commission automatically recommends special education even to those children who do not feel the need in creation of special conditions (with minor visual impairments, for example),» the statement says.