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Health Ministry comments on situation with pneumonia among children

There is, as always, a seasonal increase in the number of admitted patients with community-acquired pneumonia and acute respiratory viral infections. Director of the National Center for Maternity and Childhood Welfare, Professor Kamchibek Uzakbaev told on the air on the Facebook page of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Kyrgyzstan.

According to him, this situation repeats every year. «But this year it is going a little harder: COVID-19 has appeared, the post-COVID state also creates problems. If we compare January last year and this one, the number of children with community-acquired pneumonia has increased. We also associate it with COVID. After suffering the disease, the child’s body is weak, they easily catch pneumonia,» he said.

Kamchibek Uzakbaev added that the Ministry of Health controls this issue, there is no widespread concern. «To date, there are 136 children in our center, condition of the majority of them is of moderate severity, 6 children are in intensive care unit, their condition is also stabilizing every day. The number of patients turning to us daily remains at the level of last year: from 170 to 220 patients. Most of them are outpatients, they come, get a doctor’s recommendation and then continue treatment at the Family Medicine Centers. 32 children were hospitalized yesterday. There are free beds, every morning we promptly prepare reserve places, if serious patients are admitted,» he said.

At the same time, Kamchibek Uzakbaev noted that a record number of patients with Kawasaki syndrome were admitted to the National Center for Maternity and Childhood Welfare in January. «According to the WHO, Kawasaki-like syndrome is complicated in 0.5-2.5 percent of children who have had COVID-19. We started admitting such children in December. January was the most difficult — there were a lot of patients with Kawasaki syndrome. We treated according to the clinical protocol of the Ministry of Health. Not a single child was lost. Today, the center treats only two children with Kawasaki syndrome, two more are being examined — they were sent to us with suspected syndrome,» he said.

He added that the Ministry of Health approves the fifth clinical protocol. «There is an algorithm for treating children with confirmed or suspected Kawasaki syndrome. A post-COVID room for rehabilitation of children has been created in our center, as well as a clinical protocol for outpatient follow-up after suffering the Kawasaki-like syndrome has been approved,» director of the center said.

City Hall of Bishkek does not open schools and kindergartens in the capital, arguing it with possible increase in the incidence of coronavirus and community-acquired pneumonia.