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Emilbek Kimsanov gives other facts of corruption by Matraimov

Ex-Deputy Head of the Customs Service of Kyrgyzstan, Raiymbek Matraimov, during his work, earned $ 7 million a day. Video appeal of his former subordinate Emilbek Kimsanov was posted on Facebook.

«He said if we leave him, he would have done with us. He said that everything was in his hands, Kyrgyzstan was his. People on the Internet will start smearing me tomorrow. Ali (journalist Ali Toktakunov — Note of 24.kg news agency) could not name one-tenth of the money laundered. He (Matraimov) has laundered much more. He took 150,000 from each vehicle loaded with cigarettes from Belarus. The number of such cargoes reached 60 per day. So he earned $ 7 million a day,» Emilbek Kimsanov told.

He also recalls that when he worked at Dostuk checkpoint located in Kara-Suu district of Osh region, he brought Raiymbek Matraimov $ 500,000 a month.

«I brought him $ 500,000 a month. Then he gave us $ 20,000 for 10 people to divide. He kept the rest for himself,» Emilbek Kimsanov added.

Emilbek Kimsanov and MMA champion Tologon Rakhmanberdi uulu were suspected of beating Moldomusa Kongantiev’s son. The victim renounced claims to the offender, but the proceedings were not terminated.

In February 2020, Emilbek Kimsanov was arrested, then released, and he fled the country. He was detained in St. Petersburg and extradited to the Kyrgyz Republic.

In October last year, the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced that the case against the former employee of the Osh Regional Department of the State Customs Service, Emilbek Kimsanov, had been terminated. However, the Prosecutor General’s Office overturned this ruling later.

Emilbek Kimsanov has repeatedly stated that his arrest was related to the fact that he told the truth about corruption schemes at customs connected with Raiymbek Matraimov.