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Artem Novikov promises to pay attention to ecology when developing Jerooy

Environmental safety issues will be especially monitored during the development of Jerooy deposit. The First Deputy Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan, Artem Novikov, said at a meeting of the People’s Commission on studying the development of the field in Talas.

«On January 6, I visited the plant and got acquainted with the state of the tailing dump. We instructed the enterprise to invite an international independent company to study the condition of the membrane and the tailing dump itself. On January 20, specialists from Sensor Group arrived, who studied all these issues and detected minor violations — they were eliminated. The enterprise will install an additional membrane layer at the tailing dump. I want to stress that safety of the tailing dump will be ensured. But installation will take additional time,» he said.

Artem Novikov stressed that a state commission would be created next week with participation of competent government agencies, local residents, independent experts and environmentalists.

«We will check every fact voiced by citizens, and if necessary, the facts will be sent to law enforcement agencies. There will not be a single case to which we would close our eyes,» the official said.

While the plant is not working, it transfers almost 900 million soms in taxes to the budget. After the launch, the amount of contributions to the budget will increase to 4 billion soms per year. Four billion soms — this is funds that Kyrgyzstan’s pensioners, teachers, doctors, police officers will get.

During a meeting with residents of Talas region, he reminded that President Sadyr Japarov signed a decree on reforming the mining sector. By July 1, 2021, the Government will develop a draft Mining Code, which provides for the development of subsoil plots of national importance exclusively by national mining companies with 100 percent state participation in the authorized capital.