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Vladimir Putin: We expect that Jerooy will enjoy support of authorities

«We expect that the new enterprise will continue to enjoy support of the Kyrgyz authorities,» Russian President Vladimir Putin said during opening of a gold processing plant at Jerooy mine.

According to him, the launch of Talas gold processing plant at Jerooy mine is really important for Russian-Kyrgyz economic cooperation and, in general, for further strengthening partner, allied relations between the countries.

«One of the most ambitious joint projects has been successfully implemented. We are talking about record volumes of Russian investments in Kyrgyzstan, which will amount to about $ 600 million. The Talas mining complex will use the most advanced technologies and equipment, including those meeting all environmental regulations and standards. This will make it possible to extract up to five tonnes of gold annually efficiently and without damage to the environment,» Vladimir Putin said.

He stressed that Russian investors are also aimed at providing serious financial assistance to the social development of Talas region. The head of the enterprise has already said: a special fund has been established for these purposes, to which up to $ 2 million will be transferred annually. The state budget will receive significant revenues. The plant has already transferred $ 100 million to the Kyrgyz treasury as a payment for the license to use Jerooy mine. In the future, tax payments to the budget of Kyrgyzstan will indeed grow and amount to approximately $ 70 million per year.

«I will repeat myself: implementation of this important joint project will become a symbol of the successful development of a multifaceted mutually beneficial Russian-Kyrgyz partnership and strong friendship between our peoples, which fully corresponds to the spirit of the agreements reached during the recent working visit of the President of Kyrgyzstan to Moscow. We are grateful that you made your first foreign visit to our capital. I hope that all the efforts that we are making together in order to cooperate in the economic field, the funds that were previously directed to ensure that Kyrgyzstan becomes a full member of our economic association — the EAEU, and these funds are significant, they amount to hundreds of millions dollars, that our joint efforts will further contribute to implementation of large, economically profitable industrial projects for both sides. I would like to wish all the best to all the participants of this process,» the leader of Russia said.