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Artem Novikov offers to develop plan for modernization of healthcare system

The government of Kyrgyzstan should learn from the first wave of COVID-19 and prepare a clear plan for modernization of the healthcare system and responding to the epidemic situation. The acting Prime Minister Artem Novikov said at a meeting on healthcare issues.

«The public has many questions about healthcare, measures to prevent coronavirus infection, purchase of vaccines and their supply to the country. There are questions for the Department of Medicines. Every day we see a lack of coordination in the preparation of decisions in the healthcare system,» Artem Novikov said.

According to him, an independent working group has exposed a whole layer of problems in the healthcare system.

«Our doctors and volunteers heroically saved lives, despite the fact that no country in the world was ready for COVID-19. The task now is not to punish medical workers or to blame someone. We must develop a clear plan for reform and modernization of the healthcare system. We understand that this will take some time, but we have to start now. Clear approaches are to be developed to address these issues. The purpose of the created independent commission is an objective analysis of the reasons for the situation in the period from June to July 2020, development of specific measures and proposals to prevent the recurrence of the same events in the future,» the official said.

Participants of the meeting also discussed optimization in the healthcare system. The Ministry of Health was given instructions for effective work.